Tie brackets for

This bracket is utilized during fence installation and securely fastens galvanized posts and joists from both straight and angled sections where two sections connect. Installation does not require welding. That means no welding seam and no weak spot which so often causes corrosion.

Types of fasteners

External tie bracket
Fasteners for fences
Internal tie bracket

Fasteners for fences

This is the most crucial component of a mesh fence. We manufacture two types of fasteners: brackets and clamps. Universal clamp grooves ensure secure fastening for all types of 2D and 3D fences. Our fastenings do not damage the powder polymer coating during installation, and the fastening’s shape guarantees that the mesh panel is tightly pressed against the post without deforming the metal rods.

Due to the zinc and polymer coating, the fastening is long lasting and is protected against corrosion, overheating, UV radiation, and mechanical stress.

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