Metal fencing

Every single fence component is
constructed from galvanized steel.

Metal rolls are cut into strips and then sent to the mill, where they’re formed into sections with folded seams.

The biggest advantage of our technology is the ability to connect metal sections without welding, ensuring that the zinc coating sustains zero damage.

Fence height
1 - 6 meters
Post size
48х48, 59х37, 59х59, 80х80 mm
Width of post wall
1.15 - 2.0 mm

We produce posts and accessories
for 3D and 2D fences.

3D fence
2D fence

Why you should
work with us

We start with rolls of galvanized metal.
We have our own automated production.
We offer custom fabrication services.
Our pricing is affordable.
We have all certificates of conformity.
Our one-of-a-kind production methods.